Empowered Growth Hack
Rather than focus on eliminating, squashing or stuffing down an emotion let it flow through and then develop qualities that provide balance and even better ones that tip the scales in  your favor.

For example if you struggle with fear - being afraid of what others think or what they say or how they'll feel about your growth - focus on building conviction, inner strength and belief, principles. That's one reason for the 21 Day Challenge - to help develop the inner conviction and confidence that will support forward momentum. At the end of 21 Days you will be stronger than you ever thought possible - I promise!

If you struggle with feeling discouraged identify why you're discouraged - do you not know enough about a particular subject or have a particular skill to feel confident? What can you do to develop the skill so you're overflowing with confidence and understanding the subject?

Offset the perceived deficiency to tip the scales the other way

Other times offering ourselves gentle grace and acceptance coupled with one tiny step forward has amazing results.

This week I struggled with frustration - Sunday it was one technical issue after another. Some I had to give up on and set aside, others were more critical and I had to figure out how to do the thing that seemed beyond me figuring out. Some of the challenging issues were figuring out how to fix what I'd messed up a few days before. It was a serious hot mess.

I took a deep breath, offered myself grace, thanked those who were impacted for their patience and told them outright I'd messed it up and I had no clue how to fix it but give me a bit and I'm determined to fix it.

Most of the issues were fixed and everyone survived. There's some other issues that'll get fixed eventually. It's not the end of the world, I'm embarrassed it happened, I didn't look professional. But you know what? I'm human and it's ok

You're human too, and it's ok - really - but see what I did there  👆 
I offset frustration with grace --  for myself and asking others outright for it

Take one step forward toward offsetting any perceived deficiency instead of trying to fight the thing and join us for the 21 Day Challenge

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