The Past
Does the past exist? I'm not asking whether or not the past happened, that's an entirely different question. I'm not asking if the past was a reality at some point in time. I'm asking does it exist is it a tangible thing currently? Can you pick up your past and say look here it is "This is my past". You may pick up an object from your past as a symbol of your past, an artifact of something that happened in your past but that object in itself is not your past

This is powerful because the past only exists in our mind and it exists the way we remember it. Memories get locked inside of our brain. And those memories can replay over and over even if we don't want them to. They could impact our present and our entire life in ways we wish they wouldn't and yet we're locked to them we can't let them go

Is it possible to unlock these memories from our brain? Is it possible to use our power to release our past? Is it possible to set ourselves free from the prison of our memories? Absolutely yes

The human brain has tremendous capacity and unfathomable power, it's a magnificent gift and fascinating to explore the capacity to heal even deep seated trauma that keeps us locked as unwitting prisoners

We do have a choice and it may not feel like we do but we really really do - I've experienced it in action and have unlocked my past over and over pulling off the layers and am working hard to reframe my past, to consciously choose HOW I remember

You may be familiar with the adage / quote to the effect "the past is gone, the future hasn't happened, we only have the present" which has been spun in different ways and attributed to multiple people but the idea is there and common. We maybe just haven't thought of that idea in the way I outlined above.

If you're a person who believes in scripture I offer these thoughts to ponder 
  • Romans 12:2 
  • Psalm 25:7 
  • Philippians 3:13
If scripture is not your thing is there maybe a proverb or wise saying that conveys the idea of choosing to remember something or choose how we view our past, that we can choose to leave them behind?

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