My Best Sleep Tips - Other Changes

Sleep Reprogramming

Because I wanted to sleep straight through, I researched the possibility of reprogramming your sleep. I signed up for an online program that used a heart rate monitor, it would upload my pattern every morning and recommended adjustments to help reset my sleep cycle. It was really difficult because some of it required me getting up super early or staying up super late. I used what I had already learned about blue light to my advantage to help me stay awake at the prescribed time so that I could reset my circadian rhythm and clock. It worked for me and only took a few weeks.

Toxic Life Situations

This was a big one and actually took some time to work through. It turns out that the nightmares I had from childhood mirrored and mimicked various unhealthy life situations and relationships. Once I had done a good job of addressing unhealthy behaviors, learned to set boundaries, got in touch with my authentic emotions, the nightmares stopped. They stopped gradually, actually mirroring the healing journey I was on and stopped when I had healed enough emotionally and had healthy, comfortable boundaries. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing emotional healing and healthy boundaries in my workshops.

Herbs and Brain Dumping

Shutting my brain off is a huge challenge. These days it's not so much unresolvable problems because I know how this goes to work through them during the day. Mostly now it's some exciting new project or idea, cool craft thing, some new workshop I want to do or whatever. Some things that help... If I wake up I do body scan and slow, deep breathing to lower heart rate. Relaxing herbs and GABA (food or supplement options available) sometimes help. Brain dumping is good if I've got a bunch of great ideas I need to capture. These are some other things I love: heated mask to use before bed or if I wake up and weighted blanket.

Every night I diffuse a relaxing blend of lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, and valerian. These are known to promote a restful feeling. Essential oils and our sense of smell not only provide medicinal value but interact directly with our emotion and memory centers in the brain. The oils I use are pure with nothing added so a little goes a long way. If you want to learn more I’m happy to help - contact me to get quality oils or you can watch this video to learn more how they work.

Dietary Changes

Regulating hormones naturally was huge for me. Lifestyle changes are not for everyone but it came down to choosing temporary pleasures over long term benefits so I chose the latter and little by little made changes over the course of years tweaking here and there. As much as possible I stay away from processed foods and eat whole foods. Mostly I eat organic vegetables to further reduce the toxic load and hormonal damage caused by things like pesticides. My hubby eats meat so I get organic, grass-fed, no added hormones or any combination as much as possible including dairy and eggs. All these things feed hormonal imbalance which impact our internal systems designed to keep hormones in balance. Another huge thing was alcohol - I know I know... yes I love my red wine and still have some but I know it may disrupt my sleep and impact hormones. Caffeine is another big factor, so I chose to get off coffee all together. If that's not an option then limit to one cup in the morning. Again, hormones - caffeine increases cortisol and I had quite enough of that from everyday things of life so didn't need any extra. I found dairy increased swelling and caused joint pain so limited intake.

In Summary

Overall, as much as possible I try to work with my body as it was designed to function based on the research I did. Each hormone and each body system work with our brain to keep all things in homeostasis or a state of wellness. The more we can lessen the impact the easier it is for our body to work as it was designed.
I'm not in the medical field and as a certified aromatherapist I can't diagnose, prescribe or treat but I do my research and always have and now my training includes in-depth study of anatomy and physiology so I use what I learn to benefit myself and hopefully in my sharing you find some benefit also. I'd love to hear back if you try any of this and it works for you.

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